MY CURRENT LIFE PROJECTS: I would like to share with you some heartfelt and important thoughts regarding my life journey at this moment! I certainly have a lot more learning and levels of consciousness to climb, but I can’t even explain how incredibly elated and excited I am for what I am connecting with now! And where I am going! I am so sure of all, I’m telling you about it. Not to brag, but to explain to you! I am more passionate about life than ever.

Career wise, my in-progress career transition is in action! I am combining Philosophy and Spirituality. Often the 2 go hand in hand. This amazing spirituality I’ve always known in me, but now am tapped into, I am living! I find the soul and life fascinating. I find it natural to help others feel better. I am even dedicating myself to helping others who need it, to become free by knowing who you are and embracing it, no matter what. Breaking stereotypes and in many cases, this knowing who you are, not who you were molded to be, creates FREEDOM in your head, soul, and heart! I have combined this with my Personal Training and Bodybuilding lifestyle.

I am also doing art, writing, and always bodybuilding and training, dancing, enjoying my house music, and pet sitting volunteering….my way of giving back. And more!

For those of you who know the full scope of RhondaLee’s life, I’m sure the burning question is, Am I still doing A rated work? The answer is, no more interactive, but definately sexy solo still! Why? Because The body is beautiful is always my belief, and therefore my body is my business is still the same and going strong! Modelling at 49, not bad! No more competitive bodybuilding stage, but the constant is that I am still living the bodybuilding lifestyle! That my friends will never change!

My goal is to defy the odds!

MY CRAZY DREAMS: Here I am going to reveal deep energy and thoughts collaborating where often I catch myself in this fantasy state: Now interesting to me, these particular fantasies are recurring. Of course, this is just a fantasy, as many of you would agree with and confirm, but perhaps not!? 🙂 At least not in this exact unfolding, but to some degree and in some time, I believe anything is possible! 😉 IT IS THIS:

My friend always said, Yes “I was crazy’, ‘but the kinda crazy most wish they could be!” I replied to him when this first happened, ‘whatever do you mean?’ And the reply was “that my crazy was the opposite end of the negative spectrum. So crazily positive! So why the heck not!?”

We are so used to ‘crazy’ being very unstable or a bad thing. That definitely is not my goal. To defy the odds is! Rationality and unrationality with believing ….to be radical…remember Martin Luther King….”I have a dream” he said….and many others that did throughout time and presently have also made dreams come true!

“So I too have a dream. Even if this particular dream doesn’t come to be through me, the thought may one day unfold to be!” ME

So ready!? Here’s my crazy fantasy!

If you just watched that video, tee hee, here’s how I would take over the world!

Humanity would instinctively help each other. The way I see it, none of us knows why we are here really. So why not choose kindness, sharing and happiness to get thru this life. I understand there will always be opposites or yin yang etc, but I feel bad out rules good in our present world. Theresa a definite imbalance. If there is going to be one, I feel Good (with a capitol G) should out rule bad. Or at least that is how I would run my world.

There would be parties and celebrations of appreciation for life! Music, dancing and gifts would be given from all to all, not fights and hurting. Even a hug can be considered a gift. The ones who choose to ruin the party or purposefully endanger others can be removed and isolated, not inhumanly, while the rest of us have fun. 😉 Lets put focus on life enhancement and less on destruction.

Mother Earth would be respected and cared for. Thanks would always be felt and expressed for the food, air, earth and more that she provides for a healthy life. It feels good to be thankful!

And world leaders will discuss the acceptable final outcomes to be reciprocal in peace and solutions to issues aside from wars, fighting and arguing. I find it utterly ridiculous man cannot insist on looking for understanding and mature solutions always! If anybody can choose to fight, they can choose to cooperate. IT IS THAT SIMPLE!

Think of how different our world would be if all this were true today. SERIOUSLY visualize this and consider it and the possibilities!

There’s so many thoughts in my mind. One day I pray this will be. I really do believe its possible! xo


RhondaLee Quaresma

P.S. I would like to mention my friend Gary Lite’s YouTube channel if you are interested more in some of what I said above! Thanks!

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