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     Hi! I am an athlete in the sport of  Bodybuilding and A Personal Trainer, among things.  Although my competitive career is complete, I still train myself  and I train others. This post is in reference to my page here: 

and to my other website for more detailed information:

     A recent life event has affected and somewhat compromised my career of  ‘my body being my business!’  BUT,  I still have lots of knowledge and experience to use and will continue to pass it along by teaching and training others. I personally will always train as long as I am able to, so that would mean my forever, and be involved in the bodybuilding,  health & fitness industry in some way.

     Prior to this, I have achieved the highest accolade in my chosen sport in Canada by winning the title of Miss Canada. This earned me the title of IFBB Professional Bodybuilder (which applies on an International level) and gave me the ability to compete with fellow professionals throughout the world! This created other opportunities like modelling, appearances and of course Personal training to all different types of people with varied goals. From just a better physique to an extreme physique.  

     After the stage, I continued to evolve my physique, as well as teaching others along the way.   I trained heavy for strength and muscle for my competitive years, then switching my program to focus on quality and aesthetics, but with the same intensity level! I can safely say I have gained priceless expertise when it comes to the development of the human body.   I know how to turn it into a superbly efficient machine, and I can teach it all to you! Working out and the bodybuilding lifestyle are my passion! I have been training for more than 25 years and it has helped me in many ways. It is an amazing feeling to transform your  physique by hard work and mental willpower. It has also transformed other areas of my life. Working out always loyal to this path has been my balance and savior.  I do many things, and my training is always the root of me. 

     I wrote this paragraph some time ago,  before my recent life struggle, and it is a big one. It is wild to read this being here now. So I am going to have to take my own advice! Here it is, for you too! …….

“Consistency and determination have been the keys to my success. I always say… don’t give up!  Sometimes you get stuck or life just gets in the way and instead of being discouraged, take care of what needs to be done and when you are able to,  pick-up where you left off by setting a new goal!  I say I’ve started over a million times,  but I’ve also never stopped! .. which brings us to now!” 

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