Bodybuilders on a Quest!

Building muscle mass
Jan Tana 98

     Every Bodybuilders main goal is to build muscle and more muscle! I was recently asked how I thought this should be be acquired. I’m going to keep it simple, yet to the point. Consistency! Particularly with strength training. Follow a program regiment while increasing your weights each session, but not by a lot or you will increase the chances of injuring yourself. Leave your ego outside! Smaller increments of the weight lifted with perfect form over time, adds up in the long run to great strength gains! 

     In my stronger days, what worked for me was to do two weeks of power lifting type training. Followed by a third week of just shaping movements, which also gives joints, ligaments, tendons and body a bit of a mild rest. Resume again week 4, and the same routine continues.  Follow this program 12–20 weeks along with proper diet, sleep, mindset, supplementation, and you will get strength results which means muscle building! Each week you should see a small yet definite increase in strength. You have to get stronger to get bigger muscles! And by the end of the program, when you add up each week of smaller gains, you will have increased strength by a lot, and will see some decent size! 

     Best of luck!


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