Witnessing Live moments in history!

     I caught some photos and videos during the events from Mar 31st to June 9th 2020. Shots live during the Corona Virus Pandemic and BLM protests in Hollywood, California USA. 

     Disclaimer: My thoughts from the photos posted here is what I am writing about. I am not here to offend anybody, so please don’t look for a reason to be offended by anything I say. I’m not promoting or affiliated with politics or anything like.  I am just telling my story as I see it based on what I witnessed and some of the facts as I understand them. I am not claiming to know everything happening in this situation. I am sharing what I might know and my perception of 2 event history makers.  

     Its a crazy world we are living in right now, but I guess its about that time, as every generation seems to get a round of what seems ‘it cant be’ in the world. ie. world wars, other pandemics, riots etc etc.  Since April, we have been wearing masks and social distancing every where to avoid a deadly disease!  To save lives, we are going against nature and having less control over our lives.  I just hope after all is said and done, the cooperative efforts put forth to halt the loss of lives was for the better good. It has been tragic,  the losses gone to Covid-19! Now here we are in August still feeling the effects of the corona virus.  It will be some time before things will be normal again, if ever? The new normal perhaps.

    George Floyd and The Black Lives Matter Movement, frustrations seemed intensified, perhaps from the isolation endured by the pandemic. In addition to the cause, it was a great reason for people to get out and vent.  All lives matter equally is my motto. And once again no need to read between the lines to find a different dark meaning.  I mean just what I said, and exactly that and nothing else….BLACK LIVES MATTER AND ALL LIVES MATTER! When we can all just use calm faith and support of one another, life will be easier. Looting, violence?  That contradicts the very cause of Mr. Floyd’s horrible death. I bet he would not want that when violence is how he died. Those truly supporting the cause for the right reasons did an extraordinary thing.

     And there is still some George Floyd protesting here and there. He ironically was able to serve justice, and we can strongly continue to support this and other similar causes by strongly connecting, respecting each other, and being the example for the future. Not fighting, controlling and destroying. Then along with the pandemic, I have a hard time with seeing people lose loved ones with no contact, and others although alive, lose their businesses and livelihood in these circumstances. But it seems we must trust the authority’s process of  dealing this corona situation.  I am grateful for efforts from governments that truly is to take care of its people. But in doing so, it’s wise to also do with one eye open so to speak. Out of every negative there is a positive so, we must believe and make that happen! 

     Enjoy the media below, and thanks for taking the time to read.  I am happy to hear your views. I love you all and just wish for a peaceful, happy and loving existence for everybody! xo

Businesses along Hollywood Blvd in LA boarded up and closed up to protect against violence during BLM protests

Protecting businesses out of fear of violence
For the Fear

Hollywood is surrounded by The National Guard trying to keep the peace after many violent protests broke out days before.

BLM Pandemic national guard
The National Guard is called on


In Hollywood BLM protest seemed the largest in number of people and most peaceful, as well as the last official one.

Finale of BLM protests in Hollywood Calif.
Big BML protest

The pandemic social distancing seemed to go out the window during this time. But most wore masks in keeping the safety standards of Corona. pandemic blm

Interesting observation



Let the protests begin! The finale was a good demonstration.  A peaceful protest says so much more.


RLQ (myself) mask on during corona virus pandemic in Hollywood against wall art.

safe practices corna virus and RLQ
Mask on

Strange to see The infamous Chinese Theater empty in Hollywood.

Chinese theatre during pandemic
Quiet Chinese Theatre in Hollywood

Usually its bumper to bumper here, but not during covid 19 pandemic!

Roads sarse during pandemic
Louis Vuitton sign


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