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   My fantastical thoughts of bodybuilding recently lead me to think of something you may perhaps find interesting. It’s in the future…THE FUTURE MAKING OF CHAMPIONS! I personally believe this could be achieved in what I call Mind, Muscle Connection, with Soul! Not just the mind muscle connection. Much is accomplished with the mind muscle connection already, but imagine the third and what I say is the missing element. The soul. Imagine what can be achieved not just in sports and bodybuilding, but in other sports and passed on residually in life! I noticed, there was a missing piece in this industry! Much attention and science has been paid to body and mind in sport, but not the soul with it!  I try to live this balance, and each person is different, but all 3 need the utmost attention! I also realized people, especially in the bodybuilding industry, we typically only adopt 2 parts of ourselves, the body and mind….the soul was always missing, neglected and ignored.  SOUL and spirit in addition to body and mind makes overall wholeness. Wholeness is complete overall mental and physical balance and I believe that’s a personal thing! Just imagine the champion that could be created from this formula!

      Imagine, if you already have mind-muscle connection, combine this with soul, your mind opens more and a level of awareness, higher consciousness, wellness and calmness yet with the necessary aggression is the result. A calmness with inner and outer strength. The pay off potential is higher accomplishments! Therefore happier and more ‘in the zone’ presence. For me this is ‘In the RLQ Zone’, for you, it would be your zone, or basically in this whole focused state of mind zone, that results in your success.

An example of mind muscle connection I use on my personal training clients goes something like this… when lifting, during a set, I will say this, ‘imagine you are in your muscle literally! See it! You are the bicep, focus! See the outcome!’ Translated, like as you use your body, you would then use that muscle. If you become it during that moment you believe it, and as the saying goes, ‘you can achieve it’! Then you get optimal results! So imagine you are training biceps. You are lifting the weight up, concentrically, and you in your mind, become the bicep. That’s all that exists, a bicep! Down eccentrically, you are a bicep in its entirety. I witness an increase in training aggressiveness during these moments! Its amazing. Try it! Put your head in your muscle! Simply put it’s a matter of intense concentration! Also based on science. Full range of motion training engages muscle fiber recruitment required to complete a lift! Add in the soul element and So you do, watch and grow! And see your body as you envision it to be through training while training!

Now when the focus is on an event or competition, I have witnessed many a bodybuilder with beautiful muscular physiques lose their tempers over trivial things in a sense of entitlement . Meaning for an example, they were dieting and certain food was restricted….by choice! A tool needed to win a bodybuilding competition though. Picture a built muscled physique. You would think strong outside, strong inside. Haa. wrong! Imagine a beautifully muscled physique having a childlike sissy fit! Because he is wanting the food he wants that isn’t part of competition diet! There’s nothing almost more embarrassing than seeing this take place. This is an example of an excellent mind muscle connection because they have these complete physiques, but they aren’t very mindful of their choices or those around them, or themselves in respects of the soul and spirit. All 3 components would create a better and calmer outcome.

A control of self, inner and outer is power. Mastering the body and mind. There are many other examples I could use, but close to home the above example is one that stands out. Complete balance and control of one’s inner and outer being is a complete champion! BODY (physique); MIND(brain); SOUL (spirit). CONNECTED! And ofcourse then you have learned how to do this in all areas of your life. And it is a valuable asset for all athletes and even in all areas of life. I myself need to perfect this, but I see it and I am doing the process. I continue to be open minded and learn. I wish you the best journey and ability to keep on to achieve the so far unachievable. Just feel your energy connect!

Get in the zone, The RLQ Zone or whatever Your Personal Zone may be! 😉

Body, Mind Muscle & Soul Connected, perhaps the future process and winning formula to make champions!

Written, Copyright and Trademarked article by RLQ

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