Imagine a world….

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Imagine a world with no judgements and judgmental behavior! Literally. Can you even do it or have you already cursed someone out for not thinking like you do. haha. The nerve! Hopefully you are of the conscious and you don’t label based on first introduction. This has to be one of the biggest reasons among a few for the unhappiness and discouragement in the world. And it happens to be my biggest pet peeve. I am trying not to sound like I am judging the judgers. Because that is not what I am doing. I have observed, most aren’t even aware they are judging! Its very sad! It would just be nice to see people becoming more aware of this. So I thought heck, why not express my thoughts to try to help.

The definitions of what a judgement is seems confused amongst different people. And perceptions define judgements. The one I am referring to is to me the most ignorant definition of a judgement. The 1 piece of information turned into a know it all negative response. Because all judgements are not bad. Many are actually educated choices and reasonings or hypothesis for a wise or logical outcome for a decision. Judgements based after assessing facts and factors and common sense. For a life situation considered. Sometimes a judgement call is needed for our safety. So assess a situation based perhaps on common grounds yet remain open minded at the same time. Too many people all over the globe have small mindedly fallen into the trap of assuming, based on little or even no facts and very little emotional intelligence.

I felt the need to write about this because I truly want to help people see how being non judgmental can make this world a different and better more loving place to live in for everybody. Imagine going out the door knowing or not even having to think about a single person criticizing anything about you! No judgments. We just are. We would probably all live our truest to heart dreams and life!

Our closest people influence our decisions. Our peers, families, and culture. I think constructive criticism is healthy. But many don’t do that right either. Opinions are ok, done the right way. We ALL would be in a much different frame of mind if so. People judge because others judge too! Habit and learning! Domino effect! Stop it! Let people be! Get over yourself! Be about our souls, not the dress u think is the wrong color on the girl you don’t even know across the room as you trash her for example! She must be this type of person because of the dress. How can you know this?! And sometimes looks do fall in line with a stereotype. But more than you think they do not as well.

And surprise all judgers! You are operating from a vibration of insecurity pretending to get the answer to life and down putting others to do it. Is this fun? It’s intimidation and bullying. I don’t believe people even want to do this. It is fear based and also based on the difficult placing in life of where we are born and from insecurities. Nobody is perfect and thanks God for that really! So to put a judgement and pressure someone is to be irrational and unrealistic. And it is life limiting! People will make life decisions based upon the fear of being judged and judging. Let this be from a good place rather than from fear. Let people be true to themselves! It’s time please! I wish we could help each and every birth transition into this world be with guidance and making sure each new human lives in a predominantly happy accomplished and satisfying loving life.

Humanity helping rather than hindering! BE YOURSELF! And it’s all good! IMAGINE! How do you do this might you ask? Try to catch yourself if you might find yourself needlessly criticizing someone. Be kind. Accept differences. Just love don’t hate, smile don’t scowl, help don’t hurt, don’t put down yourself or others, just do and be your best. Change your perception. Raise your consciousness. Be kind. Be aware!

Imagine, if you didn’t have to concern over being judged and put down. Or feel the need to judge others….how then do you think you would do your life!?! How free would the world be?!

Peace, Love & Happiness,


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