Hi! I am RhondaLee.

     If you don’t already know I have metastasized cancer. It has been 2 and a half years and I have learned some beauty tricks and tips along the way. Cancer is a big struggle in the glam department. I thought I would do this video because I would  get comments on some of the things I was doing. So I want to share to help anyone else with cancer who might want to help themselves feel better about appearances if that is an issue.
     When I was diagnosed with cancer I said, 'if I’m going to have cancer, I’m not going to look like I have cancer!’ And this has been a mission I think according to what I am told I am fulfilling. I sometimes feel guilty like I am supposed to look sick, but then I remember the doctors telling me its all about quality of life now. And how I see it, grooming is a natural human and animal trait. So why not!?  I hope this might make someone feel better about themselves and its a 'take that cancer'!  kinda feeling teehee.
     So I on occasion, I dress up and go somewhere that fits the outfit. I wear my wig, do my makeup, and my nails. I know based on my past side effects, nails might not be possible for some. I had nephropathy so bad at one point I lost my nails. I’m now on 3rd line treatment and all my lost hair and nails have grown back. I tan, do spray tan, spa treatments, pedicures and manicures, etc.
     See especially my port on right side of chest.  I put metallic stick on tattoos to cover it! It camouflages the port in a glam and cool way! Photos here highlight this! 

     So do what you can! But get yourself to feel good! You deserve it right!? 

Love, RLQ! xo

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