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            MY LIFE HAS CHANGED!   I have recently experienced profound life changes which affects what this site  and my navigation in life.    My previous go to sites are www. RhondaLee4u.com, http://rlqphotos.squarespace.com/, https://rlqzone.com/.  And now this is my current more active one. My brand has taken a slight redirection, but  RLQ and In the RLQ Zone remains as  my brand! And RhondaLee will always try to be there for you! :). A work in progress, which  is this site and being ‘In the RLQZone’.   Lets call it ‘my go to place’! There is meaning!

          The RLQ brand isn’t just my initials. It is my focused  zone where BODY, MIND & SOUL connect! And so here I have put together a collaboration of all the things I do. I did this collaboration because of my frustration of what title or label  regarding profession or career  EXACTLY to place my self under for a long time.   Yes, I  first and foremost specialize in the health and fitness industry as a  professional bodybuilder and personal trainer.  But   from here   I  found myself  delving into  a few plus other things which also become specialties  in     their own right! 

          Within these life changes I mentioned earlier, I learned some things about myself.  I knew I had a dexterous nature, and I couldn’t be the only person like this, but what word is this called?!  Depending who I was interacting with would decide the title of my career.   I was seriously trying to invent a name for someone who does multiple things.  Well I found out there is one for this.  A MULTIPOTENTIALITE! According to Wikipedia….

Multipotentiality  is an educational and  psychological  term referring to the ability and preference of a person, particularly one of strong intellectual or artistic curiosity, to excel in two or more different fields.[1][2]

It can also refer to an individual whose interests span multiple fields or areas, rather than being strong in just one. Such traits are called multipotentialities, while “multipotentialites” has been suggested as a name for those with this trait.

By contrast, those whose interests lie mostly within a single field are called “specialists.”

          So, here then I can  take the opportunity to provide a platform where my products, services, projects, hobbies,  and even some of  my philosophies as well via this website and blog platform. I know to focus on one thing is ideal.  I cannot help that  I am like this.  I figure if its in me and I need to do it I cant just walk away.    Like Dr. Wayne dyer’s wise words …’don’t die with your music still in you!’    So I would love to have my  RLQ Zone  brand  benefit you and  me and provide something good.   

Thank you so much for your visit and interest! I look forward to sharing…..

                                RLQ In the RLQZone! 


Body, mind, soul in the RLQ Zone
Mission to connect body, mind & soul as one


                  MISSION IN THE  RLQ  ZONE

 BODY (physique); MIND(brain); SOUL (spirit). CONNECTED as ONE to create BALANCE! Through the RLQ Zone and to pass it along. 

          Simply put, It is about me Getting back into my RLQ Zone!   My focused  zone In The RLQ Zone Where BODY, MIND & SOUL connect!  (Same me with some alterations teehee. ) I am going to take this opportunity to share the wealth so to speak by having  a platform through this site where my products, services and other subjects are available, and share through the blog here, some of my philosophies as well. My ways are my RLQ brand. Then sharing my zone mindset with others!  My goal is to successfully adjust despite a forced life change  resulting in happiness in myself and other  people, always being able to provide something useful  .

           AND My future Ultimate Mission:  I WANT TO HELP MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!  Peaceful and happy being the dominant energy among all. Yeees I know, call me ‘crazy’, teehee, and ‘how many people have said this’ you say!  But I truly do! 

  For more in depth details about this   refer to….

Peace, Love & Happiness ,  

        RLQ In the RLQZone!  xo












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