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        MY LIFE HAS CHANGED! And my life change, affects what this site is ABOUT.  I am doing my best to remain true to my original plan! A work in progress, which  is this site and being ‘In the RLQZone’. And what is the RLQZone all about? Lets call it ‘my go to place’! There is meaning! The RLQ brand isn’t just my initials. Simply put, It is about me Getting back into my RLQ Zone! My focused  zone Where BODY, MIND & SOUL connect! Then I can  take the opportunity to provide a platform where my products, services and other subjects are available and to share some of my philosophies as well.  I would love to share and help anybody else who wants to,   get into their own zone mindset and be balanced and feel complete! What better place than a blog right! 

        MY RLQ Brand, (See Home page menu) is my current focus.  The Availability of My PRODUCTS and SERVICES.  It is basically a collaboration of the things I do, (some transformed into products, services or information available).      

          See  more on my BLOG (Go to Blog page) is my current focus.  The Availability of Articles of Varying Subject matter.  Being ‘In RLQZone’ taught me about BODY,   MIND, SOUL connection!  

     And so now I have many things to share. I’m here to try to do my part in helping others succeed in life, based upon my successes, failures and the present. I definitely am not claiming to be a guru on the subject but because of what I have learned along my journey providing me invaluable insights,  I have a great desire to pass along the philosophies, knowledge and thoughts I have acquired so far!      

     I would love to have my products , services and information In The RLQ Zone benefit you and  provide something good.   

Thank you for your visit and interest! I look forward to sharing…..

                                RLQ In the RLQZone! 


Body, mind, soul in the RLQ Zone
Mission to connect body, mind & soul as one


                  MISSION IN THE  RLQ  ZONE

 BODY (physique); MIND(brain); SOUL (spirit). CONNECTED as ONE to create BALANCE! Through the RLQ Zone and to pass it along. 

          Simply put, It is about me Getting back into my RLQ Zone!   My focused  zone In The RLQ Zone Where BODY, MIND & SOUL connect!  (Same me with some alterations teehee. ) I am going to take this opportunity to share the wealth so to speak by having  a platform through this site where my products, services and other subjects are available, and share through the blog here, some of my philosophies as well. My ways are my RLQ brand. Then sharing my zone mindset with others!  My goal is to successfully adjust despite a forced life change  resulting in happiness in myself and other  people, always being able to provide something useful  .

           AND My future Ultimate Mission:  I WANT TO HELP MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!  Peaceful and happy being the dominant energy among all. Yeees I know, call me ‘crazy’, teehee, and ‘how many people have said this’ you say!  But I truly do! 

  For more in depth details about this   refer to….

Peace, Love & Happiness ,  

        RLQ In the RLQZone!  xo















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