The RLQ Zone


What is this site and being ‘In the RLQZone’ about?

It is about Getting into the RLQ Zone! Where BODY, MIND & SOUL connect! And availability of my products and services that support this mindset. My work is my play and my play is my work you see!  And The RLQ brand isn’t just my initials.  There is meaning.

     Think of this as an accumulation of my experience, knowledge, successes and accomplishments beginning in Health and Physical Fitness, which has created lets say, an aura of additional Energy! That aura of energy has given me the passion and drive to accomplish other things in my life. Lets just say its the base or root of everything and anything else I do! That taught me to be in a zone of focus and determination that could move mountains. 

      IN PARTICULAR,  I noticed, there was a missing piece in this industry! Much attention and science has been paid to body and mind in sport, but not the soul!  I live this balance, and each person is different, but all 3 need the utmost attention! But I realized people typically only adopt 2 parts of ourselves, the body and mind….the soul was always missing, neglected and ignored.  SOUL and spirit is so important to complete overall mental and physical balance, wellness, and higher accomplishments!  Much is accomplished with the mind muscle connection already, but imagine the third and what I say is the missing element, imagine what can be achieved in life!!

     Imagine, if you already have mind-muscle connection, combine this with soul, and a level of awareness and higher consciousness is the result. Therefore happier and more ‘in the zone’ presence.

      A side effect of having soul, is being true to yourself!  right now, how many of you can say every area of your life is without barriers from ways of thinking.  Want freedom, get in the zone, and get connected!

     I therefore have realized, this can be placed in all areas of life, meaning soul needs to be included as part of the health and fitness industry curriculum, and soul to every other area of life, no matter who u r or what u do…body, mind, soul needs to be  connected activated, and exercised!

     If more people knew how to connect our insides and outsides more as a whole than as separate entities, we would tap into the higher consciousness that makes ourselves and the world a better place!  More people need to know they can do this!  Accept others differences and yourself for ALL that you encompass!

BODY (physique); MIND(brain); SOUL (spirit). CONNECTED!

     Want to know more? Read about my mission and Continue on to see some of my accomplishments and passions  available thru products and services here on my site.


  Peace, Love & Happiness,

     RLQ! xo