Not in any order, but these public figures are all contributors in some way to my belief system and philosophies of work and life I love, learn and try to live by!

They inspire and empower me! I hope these recommendations can inspire you too!

Always 1st for me is Dr Wayne Dyer

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Grant Cardone

Pamela Anderson

Louise Hay

Sylvester Stallone

Dan Lok

Isaiah Hankel

Joyce Myer

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Joel Olsteen

Jim Rohn


Tony Robbins

Napoleon Hill

Marie Forleo


Will Smith

Richard Branson

Tana Amen

Dr Daniel Amen

Will Smith

The Hiphop preacher

Les Brown

Gary Lite


Depak Chopra

The Dali Lama

Eckart tolle

Abraham/Esther hicks

In my personal life, anyone who is in it, past or present were and are there for a reason. So at some point they too have and or do inspire me!