RLQ & How to make the best of The ‘C’ word!

     I am making this a separate menu page because this is now a big part of my life that I deal with.  I will need to practice what I preach throughout this website!

    What is the ‘C’ word I am referring to you ask?  Well you won’t believe! I found out I am one of the many who’s health has been afflicted with….

RhondaLee 5546

…the ‘C’ word, which refers to Cancer!  I call it the ‘C’ word, because I hate to even give this demon energy by putting the word out into the universe. So, I will be referring to it often as the ‘C’ word. 😉

      I found out in Nov 2018, and have just now had the courage to share.  I had just created this website with all my plans as you may have read, when all was shaken up because now my focus has to be on fighting for my life.  I have accepted my diagnosis. It is what it is for now.  Before I used my strength outwardly to have muscles, now I am using my strength inwardly to stay strong against this disease. And I will not let it win, but if it be so, I will have given it a hard fight to fight to keep me as well.

     After many emotions from denial, to making sense of it all, to finally dealing with it, I have after all decided to make the best of this disease by living happy!  Sounds simple right?  Well, it’s been 9 months of a roller coaster of emotions. But I realized I must enjoy this life even in the midst of hardships.  I had to go back to my mantra of Peace, Love and Happiness.  In doing so, I was inspired by wanting to share how I am making the best of  my situation, and hopefully help others do the same along the way!

    Therefore, This blog page will be dedicated to ways I am making the best of a Cancer story by sharing, connecting,  hoping to help others and make the best of this struggle! And of course being my own testimonial to living in the RLQ Zone! 

     For more details and lots more information coming such as new You Tube content, please refer here or to my blog posts at 


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