20170611_101454 My History

Hi I am RhondaLee Quaresma. I was born Dec 11, 1968 (49), 5 ft 1, half native American, Canadian decent. I am a Female Entrepreneur, Performance artist and Free thinking Spirit. I am a successful IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer, model, entertainer, and artist!

Health, Fitness and Bodybuilding has been my most of life driving force. I am a 30 year veteran bodybuilder and pro competitor! Moving up the amateur ranks I won the Canadians in 95, earning me me Professional (IFBB), and therefore international status as a bodybuilder.  I competed professionally but have since hung up my posing suit.

Because of my experience I teach others and so I am also A personal trainer of many successful clients from a-z,  people just wanting to get in shape to professional athletes, and still I am living and loving the lifestyle of lifting.

I am a model and entertainer! A to z again.  From fitness modelling to nude. And even stepping into the adult industry realm. My fans are as many or more in the adult realm.  

This affected my choices in life and altho it has caused me to have to deal with things differently, and hasn’t always been easy, I wouldnt change a thing!

This has all influenced me.  And once thing I have learned I have a special insight and gift for is spirituality. I always listened to my soul and did whatever I wanted because I do not know how to not be true to myself. 

And I’ve had many personal experiences where I have to my surprise helped many others.  So much so, Interestingly I am moving forward on my personal journey,  to inspire, encourage and empower others to trust and follow nothing else but there own selves. I have NO doubt, this is what I should be doing!

I want to now share my gift with you, my way!  Between my pro competitive bodybuilding career, modelling, entertaining, personal training many diff bodies, and dealing with certain life situations, spirituality, and making certain choices, what I have learned about focus, freedom, Independence, authenticity and just humans in general overall, has been mind blowing.  Dealing with various situations and doing anything I do from my heart has apparently become more noticeable as of late. This is another part of bringing me to this point.

In fun mode, I love house music, dancing, the beach or ocean, reading, collecting my bratz dolls and interacting and spending time with great family, friends, minds and hearts,

And if you don’t know how, Hi, I am introducing it to you via this website! I have this site with the info available here plus much more coming which I am so excited about! If this has your attention, please keep reading! I look forward to connecting with the true YOU!

Peace, love and happiness,

RLQ xo