Body, mind, soul in the RLQ Zone
Mission to connect body, mind & soul as one

     I have 2 missions, 1 is a personal mission, and 2 is an ultimate or whole mission! Let me explain in a more personal way.  I have to take care of me, so that I can help take care of you.  So that I AM the best I can be for us both.  I cannot do it for you, but I can help for sure! So my career always aligns with my beliefs and heart, (body, mind and soul).  My ways are my brand. So in nut shell, my work is my play and my play is my work. As it has always been, except the activities have shifted teehee. That being said…

         First Mission: My life begins at 50!  My goal is to defy the odds! I am reinventing myself. A friend gave me some words, that I found very profound. They were, ‘I believe anybody can always reinvent themselves’. I was/am already in this very process, but whats interesting is, I had a realization.  This was, that I actually am not reinventing myself.  This is who I have always been!  But in others eyes, perhaps this reinvention perception is so, because of what they can see.  So, this totally relaxed my mind, and uncomplicated my at times, over analytical thoughts. Timing it everything it seems.  

     Because I am being true to myself, which is in using ‘The RLQ Brand’ of  ‘The RLQ Zone, I will live my mission! And there is no choice but to be therefore true to you! The RLQ zone is a state that this achieves.  I will continually work on improving me, So therefore, exercising, body, mind and soul connection is my goal among many to help others reach! Its a win-win situation all around!

     Next and My Ultimate Mission:  I WANT TO HELP MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!  Yeees I know, ‘how many people have said this’ you say!  But I truly do!

     What do I want to do with this Mission: I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE BE BETTER PEOPLE!

     How do I help with my Mission? BY HELPING PEOPLE BE THE BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES, ‘THE BEST ME’ so to speak!!  So at the end of the day, you can say.

I AM………(fill in the blank)! And that is the person you want to be! And then you will be IN THE RLQ ZONE…understand now? If so then you are IN THE ………(your name) ZONE! Congrats! 

‘Who do you think you are’ you might say? Not anybody more or less special than anybody else!  Just somebody who’s experiences, story and journey has led me to this point!  I’m the mistake maker teehee!  And I want to help people avoid these mistakes if possible and understand how life is here for us to BE what we were meant to be, which is OUR TRUE SELVES, then everything flows! At the very least you will have some inner peace. 

      How do I make the mission happen?  BY TEACHING TO ALIGN AND CONNECT with each other, and more often, and it has to start with somebody, so here I am.  I learned I am not the only one tho. Many souls understand this and we all without even having to talk,  have followed our energy to live this ultimate goal.  It may unfold differently and be taught differently by individuals, but the goal is all the same.

     How do I teach this and help make it happen? To Align through BODY (physique-thru physical fitness and health); MIND(thoughts-brain health and changing mindsets); SOUL (spirit-tapping into sub conscious and truly listening to your heart-prayer on your terms). and connecting all 3 to be TOTALLY CONNECTED!

     My years of training my body and using my mind to control out comes combined with my own personal journey, have brought me here. And now I want to help more than anything! This is one of the places MY MISSION BEGINS!

     BY TAKING CARE OF OUR PHYSICAL BODIES! (BODY) Training taught me me mind control and inner strength. A total and suited athletic program and nutrition life manifests balance.

     BY HAVING DISCIPLINE AND FOCUS! (MIND) In the gym and all areas of life. You will be able to accomplish the unthinkable. THe mind muscle connection is a real thing.

    BY BREAKING STEREOTYPES! AND KNOWING YOU INSIDE WITH CONFIDENCE AND PEACE AND KINDNESS! (SOUL) This alone could massively change the the world and how people interact. Judgments immediately, so programmed, people don’t even know they r doing it. Let people be whoever they want! And mind your own being!  BEFORE you open your mouth, THINK, literally. Analyze your thought. Even if u may be right, which most of the time you r off in some regard,  you attract more of it.

     Not that what I have achieved is extra ordinary, altho it is , ;), it’s that I went with my heart in all my choices. IT was first. Not other opinions, not the supposed s to’s, not even rules and anything could stop me from making my own way, my way.  Guess what, I am true to myself. I don’t know how else to be!

When anybody is true to themselves and connect at all 3 levels especially, a balance in a higher awareness state occurs and you are HAPPY! Because u find and do what makes you happy. Period! Seems a universal meaning of life.

     It means making you the very best you can be….you can be Elite in your own right!  But don’t let these words intimidate you! get you to your goals and enhance your uniqueness…your own ‘elite-ness’! 

     Peace, love and happiness, In the RLQ Zone 

                              RLQ xo