Just some photos I want to share! I’m not overthinking what I post anymore! I could not be here tomorrow….so…here’s a little bit of everything! And within then, my story!

I was happily flowing in life as a pro bodybuilder, trainer (coach), model, & entertainer. Then, BAM! By no choice of my own, my life changes in an instant by a cancer diagnosis. So, my way of keeping some semblance of the life I know, and adjusting and accepting to the life I have to, I am continuing to create and share. This site gives me a chance to still do what I love, while continuing to earn a living as well as motivating me not only to not give in to this disease, but potentially motivate someone else too! So I may not be the built RhondaLee from before, but hopefully you will appreciate what I am able to create now! In addition to the new images I will be uploading here, I will share past images as well. I appreciate you supporting me on my journey!

Love, RLQ xo

PHOTO SET 1Introduction! Hi! I am RLQ, which is also my brand! In the RLQ Zone‘. Or RhondaLee Quaresma! Photos by Bart Mastronardi

PHOTO SET 2 – If you don’t already know me, here are some highlights of where and who I was and in some cases still am. So you might understand where I am going!

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