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        Hi I am RLQ also known as RhondaLee Quaresma. I was born in Kingston Ontario Canada on Dec 11, 1968, am 5 ft 1, half native American, Canadian decent.   I resided there for 34 years living a humble young life.   After I moved to Toronto, Ont. Canada.  Currently, I travel often between Los Angeles, California, USA and there.  

       I am a Performance artist and Free thinking Spirit.   Health, Fitness and Bodybuilding has been my most of life driving force. I have had a successful  competitive Bodybuilding career of 30 years,  winning all amateur shows i competed in, winning the Canadians in 95,  which  gave me my pro status as an IFBB.  I no longer compete but still train.   I am also a certified by PROPTA Personal Trainer and nutrition tech, having trained not just bodybuilders but all types of  bodies from A to Z.  I am a model and entertainer! A to z again.  From fitness modelling to nude. I have done many photo shoots and videos.    And even stepping into the adult industry realm  for a while as part of my career.  This affected my choices in life and although it has caused me to have to deal with things differently, and hasn’t always been easy, I wouldn’t change a thing!  This all lead me to the art world.  I am an emerging contemporary abstract artist. The theme is all energy based.  I have exhibited 5 times in a prominent LA art gallery!   I have added writing non fiction to my repertoire . 

        This has all influenced me.  And one thing I have learned I have a special insight and gift for is spirituality. I always listened to my soul and did whatever I wanted because I do not know how to not be true to myself.  I’m what you would call an out of the box thinker. And I’ve had many personal experiences where I have to my surprise helped many others.  So much so, Interestingly I am moving forward on this personal journey,  to learn more  and  hopefully help and share  more with others. What I have learned about focus, freedom, Independence, authenticity and just humans in general overall, has clearly influenced me.   Dealing with various situations and doing anything I do from my heart has apparently become more noticeable as of late. This is another part of bringing me to this point.  I have NO doubt, this is what I should be doing!

       In fun mode, I love house music, dancing, the beach or ocean, reading, collecting my bratz dolls and interacting and spending time with great loved ones, family, friends, animals, cats in particular, minds and hearts.

               And  this brings me to this website! In The RLQ Zone! My current project.  Beginning in 1989,  began the passion of  my bodybuilding career.  I learned much from this phase of my life, the root of all else I have done up until now. My successful career enabled me to discover what I call,  ‘The RLQZone!’   Here I figured out  how I accomplished in bodybuilding and apply it in other areas. The ‘RLQZone’ is like…lets say, an aura of additional focused Energy! That aura of energy taught me to be in a different zone.  One of hyper focused energy to be, see , feel and create more.  The information I described above is available within,  plus much more coming which I am so excited about! If this has your attention, please keep reading! I look forward to connecting with the true YOU!

Peace, Love and Happiness,

RLQ xo






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