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Interactions with the world and people is my biggest ally for coping with this disease and the life changes I have had to endure, not by my own choice! So here I share some of this! Thank you fellow humans! teehee xo


Gratitude video. I go over my personal gratitude journal by sharing and thanking various energies and people. Encouraging others to keep one too as it helps you just feel good and is contagious. I update my health condition.

Intro: Thanking the universe, explaining upcoming video

Thanks: Jim M, Liz Easton, Tammy Const – mentioned throughout; Michael Doudarian
Henry Lewis; Steven Tirone
Captain lou; Blondie Bennett
Martina; Gregg Tuterra
Rahual; Lucy
Lena Vanjekas mentioned in 2 places; Carey kastner
Michelle and Bill Brent; Lani Sells mentioned twice
Lester mentioned twice; Serge and kim
Bill Dobbins; Paul light
Kim Birtch; Nurses and doctors mentioned twice
Ned M; Dr. Bazos
Dr Midthun; Carlos Benitez mentioned twice
Family: Sister Carolyn Cole, Sister Lois Swayne, Cousin Michile K, Uncle Emile Brother Michael Bernard, Aunt Minnie, Niece Brandy, Sister n law Kathy
Bart Ma; Billy
Harris; Trevor Lewis

Shawn & Wayd; Scott Dial
Buzz and Rachael Aziani; Martijan
Billy Cruz; Grocery store lady
Leander; Lenda Murry
Denise Masino; Garth
Ghassan; Jon webguy
Tchella; Lori D’amore & Issa
Dr Rosing and Rachelle; Camerica
Dave Fisher; Pasi
Scott & Cathy; Mike the Trainer

Gary Lite;; Art Quaresma
Mirna; Natalia
Anthony; Rose
Hospitals Cedars Saini, Olive View
Andy; Jordan & wife
James Slater; Kimberly Tronic

Additional thanks:
Colosel, Breen, Melinda, Jerome BravoJohn IT, Joe Anturi
Melissa Coates, Melinda Kanal
Daya, Jerome Bravo
Dr Wayne Dyer, John IT
kingston crew, Joe Anturi
Lyft and Uber
, Disease explanation of where im at


See The Go Fund Me that was set up for me!


CONNECTION! Its what it is all about! Life! Connection is everything for me these days! I have a double whamy. Cancer and Covid. So this video is just a silly one I happened to capture while spending time with my friend Tammy. The little things can mean everything!


And this girl gives me a great spray tan! I will do some media coverage on that to show you too! If you would like she is in Hollywood, California at MOBILE SPRAY TANNING 323-877-8117 www.Instagram.com/Glowbytamaranicole

Feel free to donate here or through my Go Fund Me to help with my cancer expenses.  I will provide photos and videos so you can follow my story throughout the site as much as I can!  Thanks so much! 

You can see more of me at


Port before and after


Click in photo above to see more photos! For video: https://youtu.be/4wsTB1QDD-8

See at beginning of photo story above, my port on my chest is showing. Later it is covered. By using some creativity you can add on some stick on tattoos to camouflage the port!

     If you don’t already know I have metastasized cancer. It has been 2 and a half years and I have learned some beauty tricks and tips along the way. Cancer is a big struggle in the glam department. I thought I would do this video because I would  get comments on some of the things I was doing. So I want to share to help anyone else with cancer who might want to help themselves feel better about appearances if that is an issue. 
     When I was diagnosed with cancer I said if I’m going to have cancer, I’m not going to look like I have cancer.’ And this has been a mission I think according to what I am told I am fulfilling. I sometimes feel guilty like I am supposed to look sick but then I remember the doctors telling me its all about quality of life now. And how I see it grooming is a natural human and animal trait. So why not. I hope this might make someone feel better about themselves and its a take that cancer kinda feeling teehee. 
     So I on occasion dress up and go somewhere that fits the outfit. I wear my wig do my makeup my nails, I know based on my past side effects nails might not be possible. I had nephropathy so bad at one point I lost my nails. I’m now on 3rd line treatment and all my lost hair and nails have grown back. So do what you can. But get yourself to feel good! You deserve it right!? 


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