Aziani-Iron-RhondaLee-Photos-0065                                           BODY, MIND & SOUL COACHING!

                                              Make your style, your success! 

                                  Life style enhancing with the Lifestyle Liberator, RLQ!

          Wouldn’t you like to be the exact person you want to be!?  No stereotypes, no obsessing over what others who are irrelevant to your life think of you, no following ways and rules not true to you?  It’s time for people and you to start knowing, believing, and doing WHATEVER it is you want in your life,  creating the person you are meant to be!

           It is through my life experiences that my RLQ Zone brand was created!  And I am going to share my gifts with you, my way!  My hope is, that in a world full of prejudices, judgments and fighting, I can help people everywhere customize their own lives. A life without stereotypes, to create the best and perfect you you wish to be, with confidence, creativity and success, no matter your social status, upbringing, income, race, sex, you name it!

           I have been the poster child for reasons others stereotyped me for years!  Even you reading this could very likely be doing so. My career and life choices have had society deeming me ridiculous definitions without knowing me or anything about me! (For example, my previous adult career). It has even affected outcomes in career, love, friends and many other areas of life.  Thing is I never stereotyped.  I want to teach others how easy not doing what is ingrained in most people, this stereotyping, how to automatically not stereotype.  I choose a very peaceful and honest interaction with the world.  I never let the ignorance of sadly so many push me into living a life not for me, following the ‘supposed to’ type rules. Those followers are often living many lies and are unhappy deep down, feeling forced!  

       I always strive to be true to myself. And it has NEVER failed me. By just going within, and letting me help you learn how if you need to, you can be too!   More people need to know they can do this!  Accept others differences and yourself for ALL that you encompass! I vibe with and choose to live among life’s lovers of life. Also the mistakes I have made have taught me what I can share with others to not do the same. Therefore based on my experiences, outlook on life and insight, I am living the 2nd part of my life as a ‘lifestyle liberator’!

        This is a newer venture for me although I have done this i practice for years randomly with people.   I want to really help people while adding it to my career successes and skills. Because again, I do the things that keep me on track to be true to myself.   

And as a A bonus Goal, my hope is to achieve this I created- I call those who reached thru the RLQ zone or  are body, mind, soul  connected RLQ-Rich Love Qualifiers!

If you want to free and be true to yourself, and need help I provide a compassionate, yet strong to the point way.  Ready when you are!

Let me coach you to LIBERATE YOUR LIFESTYLE!

Balance through Connection & Aligning of Body, Mind and Soul